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Baby placing blocksHow to Rate College Football Teams

Whether you are a voter in the AP poll, the coaches' poll, a fan poll, or are just interested in ranking college football teams yourself, I am here to help you get better at it. And judging by various poll results I've seen over the years, chances are you have room for improvement.

Access the entire guide here:  How to Rate College Football Teams

Alabama receiver DeVonta Smith catching the winning touchdown in the national championship game against GeorgiaFixing the Final AP College Football Poll for the 2017 Season

Here it is, the final AP poll for the 2017 season, cleansed of logical errors! The vast majority of the fixes this year involve ignored head-to-head results. Three teams fall out of the AP poll's top 25 in these fixed rankings. NOTE: I also address 13-0 Central Florida's case for at least sharing the 2017 mythical national championship with Alabama in this article.

See who's in and out here:  Fixing the Final 2017 AP Poll

I have also repaired the errors in all the AP polls going back to the first one in 1936. You can find those repaired polls by clicking the
Fixed AP Polls link at the upper left of this page, or by clicking this one right here.

Greatest College Football Programs of All Time

Here it is, my list of the greatest college football programs of all time (1901 to the present). This list is based on total top-25 ranking points: a program gets 25 points for each #1 finish, 24 for #2, etc., down to 1 point for a #25 finish. For this list I am using my fixed AP polls for the seasons 1936-2016, and I am using my fixed hypothetical AP polls for the seasons 1901-1935.

Who's #1? And who's #156? Hit the link for the entire top-to-bottom list:  Greatest Football Programs of All Time     Updated for 2017 season!

But wait, that's not all! I've got a couple more lists for your perusing pleasure

Most Overrated and Underrated Programs in AP Poll History     Updated for 2017 season!

Greatest College Football Dynasties of the AP Poll Era

Greatest Major-College/FBS Coaches of All Time

I have 2 different lists here of the greatest head coaches of all time, and each list looks very different because each measures something different. First I offer a list of the greatest all-time coaches by winning percentage. This is the best and most accurate such list you will find, as even the NCAA's list has errors in it (all fully explained in the footnotes of the list).

Top Major-College Football Coaches of All Time by Winning Percentage     Updated for 2017 season!

Next I offer a list of the greatest all-time coaches by top-25 ranking points (25 points for each 1st place finish, 24 for 2nd, etc., down to 1 point for each 25th place finish). For this list I am again using my fixed AP polls for the seasons 1936-2016, and I am using my fixed hypothetical AP polls for the seasons 1901-1935. This list is similar to a list of coaches by total all-time wins, and as such it emphasizes longevity in addition to success. Indeed, unlike the other list, longevity is crucial to being ranked highly on this list (everyone in the top 10 of this list was a head coach for at least 25 seasons!).

Top College Football Coaches by Total Ranking Points     Updated for 2017 season!

Harvard-Yale football game 1901The 1901 College Football National Championship

Who deserves the imaginary trophy for the mythical national championship of 1901, Harvard or Michigan? Or should they share it? The experts of 1901 said Harvard. The experts today say Michigan. Who is right? For many older seasons, there is no clear answer to such questions. But there is a clear answer for 1901.

Take a look at my analysis and I think you'll agree:  1901 National Championship

I have also written articles summarizing the mythical national championship race for each season 1902 through 1965, with more to come below. You can find those summaries by clicking the
National Champions link at the upper left of this page. Or this one.

Northwestern's touchdown to beat Minnesota 6-0 in 1936Fixing the Final 1936 AP College Football Poll

Here it is, the very first AP college football poll, fully repaired and made sensible. It took me 2 1/2 years to fix every AP poll. 1936 was a good season for the AP poll to debut, since there was a full-blown controversy at the top of the poll. Minnesota finished #1, but Pittsburgh likely would have finished #1 if the AP had conducted a poll after the bowls, and writers continued to argue about it through the following Spring.

Who should have been the first #1?:  Fixing the Final 1936 AP Poll

1901 Harvard-Yale football game in Harper's1901 College Football Top 25

I've done it! Completed all the top 25s 1901-1935! Woohoo! I'll not be doing earlier ones, as the further you go back, the less nation-wide college football becomes, and the harder it is to find 25 teams worthy of being listed at all.

The "first" top 25 can be found here:  1901 Top 25

I have created hypothetical AP poll top 25s for every season prior to the actual AP poll's debut in 1936, going back to 1901. You can find those here.

1966 Game of the Century, Notre Dame vs. Michigan StateThe 1966 College Football National Championship

We've got a 3-team race for the 1966 crown. 9-0-1 Notre Dame and 9-0-1 Michigan State tied each other in a "Game of the Century," finished #1 and #2 in the AP poll, and hogged up all the mythical national championship selections, but defending MNC Alabama was 11-0 this season, and I'll be looking at their case as well.

Who shall we be fitting for crowns?
:  1966 National Championship

Southern Cal running back O. J. Simpson's 64 yard touchdown run to beat UCLA 21-20 in 1967The 1967 College Football National Championship

10-1 Southern Cal was a unanimous choice as mythical national champion of 1967, but Oklahoma was also 10-1, so I'll be looking at their season and comparing them to USC in this article.

Do the Sooners merit a share of this MNC?
:  1967 National Championship

1969 Rose BowlThe 1968 College Football National Championship

This is the first of 2 straight seasons that Joe Paterno and Penn State went unbeaten, untied, and uncrowned. This year, it was 10-0 Ohio State's "Super Sophomores" that denied them.

Should Penn State share this MNC?
:  1968 National Championship

President Nixon handing Texas coach Darrell Royal a plaque declaring his team the national champion of 1969The 1969 College Football National Championship

11-0 Texas was a unanimous choice as mythical national champion (MNC) of 1969. Even President Richard Nixon got into the national championship selection act, as depicted in the picture here. For the second year in a row, 11-0 Penn State was unbeaten, untied, and uncrowned.

Should Penn State share this MNC?: 1969 National Championship

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